A few samples from my body of work –

“ILM: Creating the Impossible” (doc)
– sequence design & animation, post art direction – Leslie Iwerks, director
“TOY STORY 3” (film) custom typography & motion, title design – PIXAR director, Lee Unkrich
“PIXAR SHORTS” (bumper) logo design & animation – ABC
“LA LUNA” (short film)  logo design, title design & animation – PIXAR director, Enrico Casarosa
Segment from “TYRUS” (doc) sequence design & animation, logo design – Pamela Tom, director.


“TYRUS” sequence & logo design
A documentary feature I also art directed about legendary painter and Disney Legend®
Tyrus Wong. He was the visual genius behind 100s of classic films including Bambi and Rebel Without a Cause, among many other stunning projects in various mediums.

RIP Tyrus Wong • October 25, 1910 – December 30, 2016