Susan Bradley is a visual stylist, storyteller and typography addict.

My life-long background with advertising design, hi-resolution imagery, graphic design, motion and visual effects accentuates multiple platforms, digital or print — with stories seen large or small. I bring a discerning eye to brands, filmmakers, and events, creating imagery & authentic storytelling with a clean aesthetic and great care.

Among numerous projects, I have designed film title sequences and built compelling content via graphic design, motion and type design for over twenty-five Pixar & Disney films and shorts. Regardless of medium, my work consistently demands attention to detail and fluid tie-ins to branding & marketing strategies.

My design foundation began as a professional custom large–format darkroom printer in Colorado and grew into ad agency production art until I began working on feature films. Now I enjoy being an immersive designer in a variety of mediums; attentive to details while dispatching the bigger picture.

“Susan has an incredibly strong work ethic and continues to go above and beyond what has been required for our project;
giving us creative advantage in the marketplace. I look forward to working with her again in any capacity.”
— Tamara Khalaf, Manager of Design, Walt Disney Animation Studios

“Susan is a consummate artist, designer, stylist and visionary. Trained with a classical eye in design, storytelling
and the art of entertainment, she is thoughtful, methodical, and simply genius.”
— Leslie Iwerks, President/Producer, Iwerks & Co.

“I am a great fan of Susan.
I have found her to have an excellent aesthetic sense and a deep knowledge of both the tech
and history of cinematic graphic design. She is highly organized and an all-around joy to work with.”
— Torbin Bullock, Motion Picture Editor, Pixar Animation Studios

“She became the film’s Art Director and was credited accordingly.
Her high aesthetic standards and attention to detail elevated TYRUS into a piece of art itself.
I unequivocally recommend her to any director, producer, or project manager.”
— Pamela Tom, Director/Producer, “Tyrus”